agent 1



Something has happened. We cannot share all the details (need to know - you understand). Your mission starts here. This is just the beginning.


We need to know that we can trust your… capabilities. Specifically, you need to prove that you’re capable of bypassing the surveillance cameras monitoring the secure cargo container. Using intelligence collected by our field agents, we set up a simulated environment at our testing grounds, replicating the equipment used by Cerberus. This container is monitored by surveillance cameras, manned 24/7/365. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to bypass the security checks used by the cameras and loop their video feeds. Our reconnaissance operations have produced some information you may find of interest. The camera’s root shell is accessible via a modified version of SSH running on port 1337. An intern developed this code – after a few too many drinks, he happily told our agents that “it’s just f****** security through obscurity – it uses a modified version of a standard crypto algorithm. Security guards complained that the last system was too complex.” Agent number 5 was able to exfiltrate BINARY 1 for your analysis.


Accessing the device is just the first step. Your next (and most important) objective is to record a video, modify it if necessary, and override the video feeds to show yours in a loop. This should keep the camera operators complacent, staring at your doctored loop while you break in. For this second objective, preliminary intelligence analysis indicates that the RTSP server on the cameras performs some unusual checks, so we reached out to our allies at RBS HQ NYC and obtained a (slightly out-of-date) version of BINARY 2 for your convenience. We strongly advise you to break in the camera before looking at this second binary. Our agents will provide further information once you obtain access to the system.

Pick one of the devices below and get hacking. It's ok if other agents are connected on a camera, but try to pick one that is free. The clock is ticking, and time is not our ally. Good luck. See you on the other side.

Report to [email protected] once you have completed your objective to receive ANONYMIZING HEADWEAR and further orders.

Further Rules of Engagement

  • Only use the SD card directory at /sd/ for temporarily storing any data.
  • Your data should not survive reboots.
  • Do not interfere with the data of other agents.

Live Testbed Feed